Spending the pandemic honing their craft, the eclectic power trio Chewy is coming out swinging. Known for their unpredictable live sets, often featuring new material, their feral yet meticulously constructed rock leaves Chewy with a reputation of being an act where you never hear the same thing twice.  Chewy seeks to make unabashedly human music, largely eschewing the content-focused and perfectionist atmosphere of the modern music scene. 

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Connor La Rocca, bassist/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Asher "Glom" Wolf, and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Sean Emery, the Philadelphia trio formed in 2020. Chewy juxtaposes the tight yet loose whiplash art-rock of acts like Deerhoof against the adrenaline-soaked cacophony of Mahavishnu Orchestra to sport a frenetic musical language all their own.

Chewy's upcoming EP Ostranenie seeks to fuse their usual prog sensibilities, the existential paranoiac angst of the aughts, and spontaneous explorations of sound. The first single Rubber Unfamiliar is out now!



Rubber Unfamiliar


Complete with a brass ensemble (comes back in the back half with a vengeance) and polyrhythmic cacaphony, Rubber Unfamiliar is a loveletter to the paranoiac art-rock of the aughts, and the grandoise symphonic prog of the 70's, both in equal measure.

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Live @ The Grape Room May '22

Chewy Celebrates :)


INSTA: @chewy_phl, DM's open